The Timeless Wedding Of Gabe & Eunice In Las Vegas

Gabe and Eunice tied the knot on April 26, 2022, and secured their everlasting bond together. April in Las Vegas is the best time for those who live here, and for those who want to visit the city with dazzling nightlife, a beautiful city skyline, and world-class restaurants! The cool weather in Las Vegas in April was just perfect for a lovely wedding! Unlike the hotter months, April is the right time for anybody who loves to see the city and enjoy its beautiful charm. And we couldn’t agree more with Gabe and Eunice’s choice of time to get married.

The wedding took place at a rented Airbnb in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. It was an intimate ceremony with close friends and family members present. The bride wore an elegant white dress while her groom wore a complimenting white tuxedo with a pink vest.

With dazzling smiles and soft embraces, the two shared how excited they were for the new journey that they had embarked on. Looking back on the memories of their wedding day, we can surely say, true love and happiness look like this, looks like what Gabe and Eunice have