Fri. Sep 18th, 2020

Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Molla Media News

  • News items will be measured on the basis of its factual content, information, educational value, and its ability in redeeming social security to the general public.
  • Extraordinary events could be reported for their entertainment value.
  • All sources should be strictly checked for veracity.
  • Documents presented, as evidence should be double checked for accuracy and authenticity.
  • News items should adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Molla Media Tube

  • Molla Media will make music videos available in various languages.
  • Ethiopian as well as non-Ethiopian music will be strictly examined to avoid culturally or religiously offensive material.
  • Music videos will need to entertain as well as promote love, peace and harmony, encourage unity and build a strong sense of community.
  • Any music that promotes ethnic/religious/gender strife will not be used.
  • Films have to be produced in Amharic or English or can be translated in Amharic or English.
  • Molla Media will not share video content which undermine Ethiopia’s unity.
  • Culturally/religiously offensive films will not be used on Molla Media.
  • All films should maintain a high standard of audio and visual quality.
  • Any film that counteracts the overall vision and mission of Molla Media will not be used.

Formal Retraction

  • Molla Media will take immediate action to correct errors.
  • A formal apology, verbal or written will be issued to the aggrieved party. (Individual, group or government)
  • If there is no aggrieved party, the apology will be issued to our readers.